We totally understand that everyone at times will be busy to collect their cakes for their celebrations, however that also should not stop everyone from celebrating happy occasions!

So if you need a helping hand to get the cakes be at the right place at the right time for the celebrations, we'll deliver it for you!



How much is your delivery charges?
Our delivery is at a flat rate of $25 island wide.

When is the earliest or latest date I can opt for delivery?
Our order and delivery book closes 5 days before the delivery date, please contact us at 8508 8556 to check if we have earlier slots available.

Are you able to deliver at a lower rates if I am very near your shop?
Unfortunately no, as our cakes are very fragile thus we only uses car for delivery. All our drivers have to take extra precaution in order to make sure it reaches your place safely in its original condition. So it is the trip that counts, not the distance.

Can you deliver at a specific timing?
We deliver our cakes within the 1 hour time slot selected, which is also why our delivery rates are slightly higher. However sometimes due to unforeseen road traffic conditions, do give us some allowance of 15 mins within your selected time slot.

How do I select delivery date and time?
Before you checkout of the cart, you will have to select the delivery date and time. However if the options you want is not available, it means your order is less than 5 days for delivery. Please call/WhatsApp us at 85088556 or email us at to check if we can slot in for you.

What if I don't want delivery and want self collection?
Sure! You will still need to select date and time of delivery during checkout, this is for us to ensure your cake is ready on the date and time you are here for collection. Upon checkout of cart, you will be able to select shipping or pick up. Select pick up for self collection and there won't be any delivery charges.

I have last minute change of schedule and can't make it for the date and time for delivery or collection, what should I do?
As we schedule our delivery or collection for each and every of our customer according to their selected date and time, please pre-informed us 3 days ahead of your changes. This will help us ensure you are still able to receive your cake on your reschedule slot.

What are the delivery payment methods?
You may make your delivery payments together with your cake during final payment checkout. We accept Visa, Mastercard and PayNow options.

Do you make any delivery assurance?
Please do check immediately upon receiving your cakes from our delivery team, this is to ensure you receive the cake in your accepted conditions. If any discrepancies found while our delivery is still around, we can still try to make things work. We won't be able to identify or recover any issues once our delivery team has left.