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The cake features a pristine white exterior that exudes a sense of purity and elegance. Its smooth surface has a gentle sheen, creating a soft glow as light reflects off its surface. The white coating forms a perfect canvas for the subtle contours and shapes of the cake's design, concealing the surprises within.

The outer edges are adorned with delicate floral decorations, perhaps a combination of edible flowers in varying shades of pink, purple, and yellow. These vibrant accents stand out against the white backdrop, creating an inviting and harmonious visual contrast.

While the outside remains a flawless white, the interior is where the magic happens. When sliced, the cake reveals its hidden treasure: succulent pieces of fruit like longan or lychee, embedded within the layers. The translucent inner layers, visible only when the cake is cut, showcase the fruits' natural textures and add a touch of color to the otherwise white exterior. The overall impression is one of understated sophistication, with a touch of floral charm.


Do note that the picture being shown is for DESIGN REFERENCE ONLY The colour and decorations on the cake may be subjected to slight variations due to possible discrepancies in the photo resolution and the size of the cake.

Due to space constraints on the surface of the cake itself, characters might be placed on the cake board instead. We may not be able to accomodate lengthy wording due to the aforementioned issue.