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This agar-agar cake is a playful dessert designed for game lovers and party-goers. The base is made of translucent agar-agar, giving it a smooth, bouncy texture with a subtle fruity sweetness.

The cake is adorned with edible decorations inspired by card games and mahjong. These designs, crafted from colored agar-agar, include playing cards, mahjong tiles, and chips, adding a lively and detailed touch.

For extra flair, the cake features tiny beer mugs made of agar-agar. These mini mugs are filled with colored agar-agar to resemble beer, complete with a foamy top layer, enhancing the party theme.

This cake is perfect for game nights, bachelor parties, or any event with a lively atmosphere. Each slice offers a delicious treat and a playful nod to card games, mahjong, and beer.


Do note that the picture being shown is for DESIGN REFERENCE ONLY The colour and decorations on the cake may be subjected to slight variations due to possible discrepancies in the photo resolution and the size of the cake.

Due to space constraints on the surface of the cake itself, characters might be placed on the cake board instead. We may not be able to accomodate lengthy wording due to the aforementioned issue.