Where are you located at?
We are selling mainly online, however you will be able to find us at 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road #B1-28 S588179, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

Are you licensed to sell cakes online?
Definitely! We have a physical shop that must be certified by SFA in order to sell food products.

Can I order a customised cake that is not available for purchase at your website?
Unfortunately we do not build customised cakes from scratch. However if it is customisation from a combination of all the designs we have, that can be done. Please WhatsApp or call us @ 85088556 the configurations you’re looking at.

What’s the difference between agar agar and jelly?
Jelly has a more wobbly,  jiggly texture and agar agar is more firm and has a ‘bite’ to it.

Will my cake look exactly like what I have ordered?
Images are only for references. We never guarantee an exact replication of a reference photo provided for practical purposes (Eg. colors on photos may look more vibrant due to color editing and lighting).

How long can I keep my cake out of the refrigerator?
It must be refrigerated at all times. If your fridge is not big enough, you may keep in air-conditioning 18-22 degrees. The cake will last out of fridge anywhere between 2-4 hours depending on ambient temperature. Sometimes, even if the place is air-conditioned (e.g. sports hall/chalets), the circulation is not ideal and the room may not be cold enough for it to last very long out of fridge.

How long do your cakes last?
As our cakes are freshly made from scratch with no preservatives, we recommend you enjoy our cakes on the day picked up/delivered or within 2 days in the fridge.

Will candles and knives be provided?
One plastic knife and one candle will be provided with every cake delivery or collection.

Are your cakes sweet?
Good news! Our cakes are 30-50% lower in sugar than regular cakes, so you and your family can enjoy them guilt-free when in moderation.

How do I handle the cake upon collection?
Please hold the bottom of the cake box securely and ensure cake is fully supported before lifting it off a surface or receiving it from us. Avoid swinging the cake. This is to ensure the cake does not slide. We highly suggest avoiding public transport after cake collection.
During transportation, please keep and hold cake on a flat surface. Keep cool and avoid direct sun.

How many days in advance may I place my order?
We need minimum 5 days to a week to prepare your order, depending on the complication of your design. We recommend booking your slot with us as soon as you can, for we will close our orders once we are full!

Can I cancel or change the date of my cake collection/delivery?
We understand there might be always unexpected events to happen and you need to reschedule your celebrations, however we need at least 3 days in advance for any changes or cancellations.

Do you do delivery?
Yes we do! Refer to https://www.cakeartelier.com/pages/delivery for more info on your delivery options.

Can you do a rush order?
Should you need a cake urgently, we may be able to take in last min order, depending on schedule. Please WhatsApp at 85088556 to check.

Are your cakes suitable for vegetarian?
Yes. Our cakes are made from agar agar powder or konnyaku jelly powder and they are all vegetarian friendly.

Are your cakes Halal?
Unfortunately at the moment our cakes are not halal although we do not use pork or lard ingredients in the cake production.