Sweetsaurus Supreme

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Embark on a prehistoric journey with our Dino Delight Agar Agar Cake, a whimsical creation that will transport you back in time. Towering above this delectable landscape is a lifelike dinosaur, crafted from edible delights and standing as a testament to the Jurassic era. The layers of our agar agar cake mimic the earth's strata, each vibrant hue telling a sweet tale of flavors waiting to be discovered. Adorned with edible palm trees and fossil imprints, this dessert not only captures the essence of a bygone era but also promises a taste adventure. Brace yourself for the fusion of tropical fruits, creating a burst of flavors that will make your taste buds roar with delight. Perfect for dino enthusiasts and dessert lovers alike, our Dino Delight is a sweet celebration of the past, served with a side of nostalgia.


Do note that the picture shown is for DESIGN REFERENCE ONLY  and the number of characters depends on your selection. The plants are included in this base cake's pricing. The colour and decorations on the cake may be subjected to slight variations due to possible discrepancies in photo resolution and the size of the cake.

Due to space constraint on the cake, characters might be placed on the cake board instead. We may not be able to accomodate lengthy wording due to the aforementioned issue.